Registration Fees – SPEC/COBEP 2019

 ADVANCED (until Sept. 30, 2019)After September 30, 2019
Members (US$)
Members (US$)
Non-Members (US$)
One additional paper200.00300.00--
Author Special Rate (*)200.00300.00--
One additional paper (*)100.00150.00--
Student (**)130.00200.00200.00305.00
Student Special Rate (*)65.00100.00100.00150.00
Professional Non-Author400.00600.00525.00900.00
Professional Non-Author Special Rate (*)200.00300.00260.00450.00


(*) Authors and Students from countries with Human Development Index (HDI) smaller than 0.844 (2018 data, available at are eligible for special (reduced) rate
(**) Students are supposed to present a student ID
Only one extra paper per Author registration is allowed. Authors registering to publish more than two papers should pay additional Author registrations and extra fees as needed (e.g., three papers = 1 Author  registration + 1 additional paper fee + 1 additional Author registration).


Each registration includes:Registration Type
One (1) paper registrationX  
Admission to all Technical and Dialogue SessionsXXX
Admission To The Plenary SessionXXX
Admission To The Exhibit HallXXX
Admission To The Rap SessionXXX
Admission To The Welcome EventXXX
Admission To The Gala DinnerX X
Conference Proceedings (digital)XXX
Tutorial Workbook (digitalWith Separately Purchased Ticket







 ADVANCED (US$)AFTER September 30, 2019 (US$)
1st Tutorial (see agenda)50.0065.00
2nd Tutorial (see agenda)25.0032.50
Gala Dinner additional ticket50.0065.00